Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wood Block Decorated for Jewelry and Pictures


Wood Block Decorated for Jewelry and Pictures

(Before you look at my picture below, click on the titled link above and see what inspired me from Pinterest.)  I saw the Pinterest picture and thought, "I HAVE TO MAKE THIS!" So I went to home depot to get wood.. so many options.. Uhhhh... The board that was about 3/4" thick was about $25.. But I wanted to make a board in under $10. I asked the worker, "If I get you to cut this in half and I only take half, does that mean i get this wood for 1/2 off?" He informed me that I still had to pay full price. So, I told the worker that I didn't want expensive wood, and he informed me that I could get REALLY CHEAP wood for .52 cents in the back. I was excited! I went back and picked out 3 pieces of wood. two 4 foot pieces of 2 by 4's... and a piece of wood that was 3/4" by 1 foot by 4 feet. (Does that make sense?) Anyways. He nailed it together for me so that I could cover it in fabric and have my 3/4" piece come off the wall a few inches. It worked! I just hot-glued batting (as well as my choice of fabric) to the wood and then purchased rick-rack and crossed it so that I could stick pictures onto the board to have on display.  I then put screwed hooks into the bottom for my jewelry to hang and i was finished! Such a fun project and mine turned out way cute!! :)


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