Sunday, June 23, 2013




I decided now that I am home for summer that I needed to set some goals.  I thought, "this will be so easy!"....NOT! It's been very hard!  I came across this pin and thought, "I HAVE TO TRY THIS!"  It's been VERY successful! I bought a mini pack of post-it notes and cut them into third's (to save paper), and put a number of the month on each of them and stuck them next to my mirror that I use to get ready each morning. Every morning I get to look at my two lists of goals.  You can either take the sticky note down after you've accomplished your goal for that day, or just put a check mark on it. I like just putting a check mark because I am one who likes to see my progress.  If I were to take each sticky note down at the end of the day (if I accomplished it) then I wouldn't get to see how many days I did it for! I feel SOO accomplished each night when I get to put that CHECK MARK!
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