Monday, September 9, 2013

Hanging Mirror

I feel like late at night, at the time when I should be asleep, I come up with the most brilliant ideas.  I am in college, trying to figure out how to hang things using the LEAST amount of push-pins and nails. This was probably the most brilliant think I've ever come up with! I was trying to glue a regular white plastic hanger onto the top of my mirror. My friend suggested I try to do that with a metal hanger so that it would stay better. (Super gluing plastic on cheaper plastic doesn't work so well- FYI.) Then I saw in my closet that I had a hanger with cheap little clamps on the bottom end. Like for hanging up jeans or something.  It was PERFECT! I clipped it onto the top of my mirror and I only put ONE hold in the wall and wa-la! :)
Here is my finished project!


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